The Top 5 Reasons To Use Cold-Formed Steel Framing

Cold-formed steel

Cold-formed steel is widely used in buildings, automobiles, equipment, home and office furniture, utility poles, storage racks, grain bins, highway products, drainage facilities, and bridges.

Its popularity can be attributed to ease of mass production and prefabrication, uniform quality, lightweight designs, economy in transportation and handling, and quick and simple erection or installation.

Cold-formed steel products

In building construction, cold-formed steel products can be classified into three categories:

members, panels, and prefabricated assemblies.

Typical cold-formed steel members such as studs, track, purlins, girts and angles are mainly used for carrying loads while panels and decks constitute useful surfaces such as floors, roofs and walls, in addition to resisting in-plane and out-of-plane surface loads.

Prefabricated cold-formed steel assemblies include roof trusses, panelized walls or floors, and other prefabricated structural assemblies.

Cold-formed steel possesses a significant market share because of its advantages over other construction materials and the industry-wide support provided by various organizations that promote cold-formed steel research and products, including codes and standards development that is spearheaded by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).

Why should building professionals consider cold-formed steel framing for their construction projects? Here are the top five reasons.

1 – Cost-Effective

CFS framing has a proven track record of providing cost-effective benefits over the entire construction cycle due to lower insurance rates, shorter project cycles, predictability and accuracy of steel components, and improved design efficiency.

2 – Durable

The durability of cold-formed steel, including its resistance to corrosion, mold, and vermin, gives it a longevity that few building materials can rival.

3 – Sustainable 

Cold-formed steel framing always contains at least 25% recycled steel (and often more than 70% recycled steel) and meets the highest sustainability requirements of all major green building standards and rating programs.

4 – Non-Combustible and Resilient 

Cold-formed steel framing is non-combustible, resistant to extreme environmental and seismic loads, blast threats, and ballistic penetration, making it one of the most resilient building materials available.

5 – Easy to install

Cold-formed steel is light, making it easy to ship, handle, and assemble. CFS wall, floor, and roof sections can also be assembled off-site in a controlled environment, which can minimize costly weather delays and ensure greater quality control.

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مجری تخصصی سازه های فولادی سبک LSF با هدف ارتقاء صنعت ساختمان در زمینه طراحی، تولید و اجرای سیستم قاب سبک فولادی   (Lightweight Steel Framing)با بهره گیری ازتجربه و تخصص در سال۱۳۸۵شروع به فعالیت نموده و با توجه به افزایش روز افزون تقاضای ساخت ساختمان به روش LSF با مزایای فراوان اعم از مقاومت در مقابل زلزله ، کاهش زمان ساخت ، جابه جایی آسان ، دقت بالا در اجرا و قابلیت بازیافت تا ۹۵درصد و….. تمامی تلاش خود را معطوف به بهره گیری از این تکنولوژی نوین ساختمانی نموده است و در حال حاضر به عنوان یکی از برترین شرکتهای سازنده ساختمان به روش صنعتی (قاب فولادی سبک) ارائه خدمات می نماید.

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